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Hiya. My name is Jessica and I'm 19. I'm too lazy to change my theme. Don't hate me for that. I like doing theater, but I'm not that great at it. Don't talk about Chipotle unless you fully intend to take me for burritos.


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We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


A Day In The Office The Musical Act 1 Scene 1

Hi guys, I’m sorry to whore out tags, but if you could take just a moment and watch this musical, I’d seriously appreciate it. If you’re a fan of The Office or Starkid, this is really worth your time. My friend Ryan Beard wrote the script, the music, directed, and even played Michael Scott in the show. If you could take the time to watch even a few parts of this, I would sincerely appreciate it. I was in it and there is just so much talent involved and the video quality isn’t bad either! Thanks! You may now resume scrolling your dash!!!


two things I assume everybody has extensive knowledge about

  • harry potter
  • high school musical

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